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Hi Apex

I am struggling with several things with X Pro. It is not easy to set different responsive layouts or set responsive overall margins and paddings for the site. It has to be done in CSS - which isn’t a problem but quite a lot more work than just with a click an another Viewport size a put the new settings. Also Header and footer Builder are etremely complex… Also how a different Layout for e.g. Blog Post Pages can be set?

I am thinking about changing to Oxygen if my questions here cannot be answered in an easy way.
Thanks for your answering

Hi Patric,

Regarding your first question about designing responsive layouts, I recommend creating a duplicate from the section you would like to have it responsive with different settings on mobile devices, then control the visibility settings for both sections like:

  • The main section > appears only on Desktop.
  • The duplicated section > appears only on tablet/mobile screens.

I’ve created a screencast showing this here:

Regarding the complexity of header and footer builder, I recommend watching the video included in this guide as a starting point:

I’m sure this will make everything looks much easier.

To assign a different layout for Blog Page, please check (Pro > Theme Options > Blog):


Hi Alaa, many thanks for your reply. I will think all about it.

You’re most welcome!

Hi, besides… How can I design the single Blog Posts page?

Hi @Brainfire,

You mean design it in the builder? You should able to design the content of a single post page. But first, you must allow it by going to Admin > X or Pro > Settings > Permissions and turn on the Posts permission.

Then start building your content in your single post page. Same recommendation applies when creating responsive layout for each device as Alaa provided :slight_smile:


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