Titles not showing for blog category pages


I am sure this is a simple fix, but my blog category pages are not displaying the category titles at the top of the page.

Can you please advise why these are not showing?

details below

Hi Scot,

Actually, the feature you are talking about is for the X theme and not the Pro theme. There is a section in the header section of the X theme which renders the category title. For example:

Now if you go to Pro > Headers and unassign all the pages from the header that you added, and it causes the default header rendered, you will see that the title will come back.

There is a workaround regarding this. You can add a shortcode which contains the title information and adds it to the header inside a content area element.

Please read some of the answers here which suggest that you add a shortcode called [awesome_landmark].

You will need to have the Child Theme installed.

Thank you.


Thank you… I managed it from the info provided

Thank you

You’re most welcome!

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