Tiled galleries – Jetpack or without

I’m trying to implement Tiled Galleries in posts, and they won’t go past some random size even though my posts are full-width at 1200px (but responsive).

The plugin I’m using says the answer is to: search $GLOBALS[‘content_width’] on your function.php theme, and set your width

I can’t see where to do that. Help?

Hi there,

Please kindly consider that this is not related to our theme and it is related to the 3rd party plugin that you used and the settings of that plugin. If you check the screenshot below you can see that the plugin calculates the Width and restricts it:

It is not related to our theme, you can test that by changing the theme from Pro to the default WordPress theme.

You need to contact the plugin developer to follow up the case. I also do not know about the $GLOBALS[‘content_width’] and you need to ask for more details about that.

But if you want to add something to the functions.php file of the Child Theme you can read the following article:


Thank you.

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