This dumass theme is too complex & not working, roll it back

Maybe Im the only one, but with all the new tricks in the theme, nothing works and doing anything is too time consuming - goodbye and no thanx

Hi there,

It seems that you have indeed a problem using our theme and it made you angry. Our theme is a multipurpose one and yes it has a learning curve for sure but during the course of time you will find out the possibilities that this theme will give. I suggest that you take time and read the setup section articles of our Knowledge Base:

Meanwhile, we as support staff are here to help you out and I am sure that I and my colleague will do our best to help you around.

So I suggest that you open up separate threads for each problem that you are facing and we will follow up the case.

It might be an option that you do not know how to use, or we can give an alternative route to what you want to accomplish and also maybe there is a bug in our code that we will identify and add to our issue tracker which our development team will fix and be available in upcoming releases.

Bottom line you will get an answer to your questions for sure :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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