Themeco Problems

Themeco Problems

The UI while being visually pleasant is less than supportive as every aspect that can be modified is presented in the inspector menu with up to 19 sub categories arrayed across the lower screen or vertically necessitating scrolling back and forth past most which are unneeded or clicking on the array of markers offered in the uppper ribbon.

There needs to be a way to collapse related items such as Borders/Box shadows, Sub indictors/Particles, and Primary and Secondary text to remove clutter.

Matters become worse when the menu area stops responding to the scroll wheel!

This happens in the vertical mode in the Chrome and Safari browsers.

When the menu is undocked the bug becomes worse still as now the contents won’t scroll but depending on where one clicks the contents will be pulled up and down as it’s ’stuck’ to the cursor! To navigate through the list one must carefully click on the scroll bar indicator to grab it since it’s only a few pixels wide. Presumably this is because it was not intended for navigation but simple as an indicator.

But as this it not yet the case, working with the app is tedious and frustrating.

Furthermore, when certain options are selected to be on or off, the menu contents will jump requiring one to find what was clicked to toggle it back. This is a ridiculous.

The controller arrangement to such as margin and padding is not naturally intuitive.

Generally left and right and top and bottom are paired. Instead they’ve been listed as Top/Right/Bottom/Left. Wouldn’t it be better to place Top and Bottom at the top and bottom and the R/L controls next to each other in the middle? The border radius controls have a more obvious layout.

There’s a breadcrumb indicator on the far right of the horizontally docked inspector. It will show items that cannot be accessed from the list on the far right side. Why?

One can easily get lost trying to make their way as attention is generally focused on the left’s main categories. If the overall work area is narrowed to make this more immediately obvious then one must be scrolling even more to use the inspector.

The convention for western logic and communication flows left to right and top to bottom. Yet the bread crumb trail which is the only way to progress back to areas needed exist to the right of the sub categories. It’s backwards to put it simply. It’s not intuitive to seek the higher category areas to the left of the lower.

This has so far been an endlessly frustrating experience with an application purchased to avoid the short comings of at least 5 other lower priced builders.

Here’s a couple vids that shows a bit more.

Hi James,

I understand your frustration, the reason why the Navigation Collapse element seems not responding when you change the flex layout (horizontal/vertical) is because the Container is not setup properly, It means the container does not have the space to move the Navigation Collapse around. In flexbox, the positioning of the elements is controlled by its Container and the Containers positioning is controlled by the Bar.

Please take some time understanding how the FlexBox works.

Using Flexbox
A Complete Guide to Flexbox

I understand the psychology behind that, but in CSS shorthand properties, the values are in clockwise order, beginning at the top, that is, top, right, bottom, then left.

The Breadcrumbs shows where you at on your layout but it should not be used to navigate from element to element, example when you’re inspecting an element (e.g. navigation collapse) it shows you (Bar -> Container -> Navigation Collapse), the breadcrumbs show in which Container and which Bar that element you’re inspecting is placed.

You can not say the same if you inspect a Bar (or container) because the Bar can have multiple Containers and multiple elements inside the containers, and so the breadcrumbs cannot display a random container and random element to display a (Bar -> Container -> Navigation Collapse) path.


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