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I am using Theme X but am bewildered by the choices available. I am looking for a theme that
will give me similar visual to this, and particularly will give me a portfolio page that allows users to delve deeper behind each image.
The add to cart feature would be awesome.I also like the link buttons at the bottom of this page.
Please can you recommend a template that will suit me, in which I can show each product with further info behind the image.
Here’s another example that does similar.

Thanks in advance

Hi @rachelhicks,

It could be achieved with the TheGrid extension(it’s bundled with X theme and 100% free).

Here is the demo:

For more information, please take a look at this:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks! Do you know if this can be added to another theme, so that I can have a whole page scroll up through different whole page images, ( and have the grid page as only one of the parts of the site? And would i be able to add a slider?
Thanks again!

Hey Rachel,

This feature comes native with X. You just have to add a section to a page in Cornerstone then set the page’s background image and enable the parallax option so that the image will have a scroll effect.

If you want a fullwidth page, please make sure to set the Page Template to Blank No Container - Header, Footer.

You can do this by adding another section and add a The Grid element in the section.

As for the slider, you can install Revolution Slider that comes with X and create a slider using it and add it to the page the same way you added The Grid.

Hope this helps.

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