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In the advertising literature and in what I can glean from the knowledge base is that there is supposed to be “Post Templates” but I cannot find them!!! all I have is templates for about, menu and 3 others… Am I barking up the wrong tree.

I am at a loss as to getting my posts set up.

When I go into new posts on Wordpress am I supposed to select the “pro” option" or do I post from the standard wp format???

Need your help as your support literature appears to be woefully inadequate



Hi Bill,

The Post / Page Templates available at the moment are the ones you can find on Pro Builder > Templates.

You can create posts using Wp Classic Editor or Cornerstone, it is up to you.

Hope it clarifies.

Thank you


do you have a link to pro builder templates ??? Where do I find them???

Which leads to my other question which you have not adequately dealt with. If I can use cornertsone HOW DO I USE IT AS EVERYTIME I DO IT TAKES ME TO A WEBPAGE??? CAN YOU POINT ME TO SOME HELP LITERATURE ???

Honestly when I purchased Xthem which by the way is very good , the main critic was lack of help assistance documentation and while the online support is very good … it takes hours to get a query answered. I would much rather locate the information myself but its not available!

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Hi There,

Maybe there is a missunderstanding among us.

1- PRO does not offer the Demos like X. so for example Integrity 1, Renew 5, Gym or App Demo and all the others are available just on X not on PRO. There will be soon a new functionlity released for PRO which will cover this, we are almost ready with that, but we cannot provide an ETA for the release.

2-To access the page builder (it is very similar to Cornerstone at this stage, but we don’t call it Cornerstone as the future will bring changes ) and as well where you can find your templates which I was refering are on Pro > Launch > Content > Select a page > Edit

3- Here is the link to our Knowledge base :

I do agree it can be improved, we had a meeting a few minutes ago and we discussed about it, so expect some improvment from our side regarding the documentation.

Let us know if you have further questions

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Thanks appreciated a good explanation .

You are welcome!

Hey, when does pro release with demo templates?


I’m sorry but, we cannot provide any ETA for this as mentioned by @Joao

Thanks for understanding.