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The preview could not load due to the iframe response being incomplete. This is most often related to a plugin conflict, or customizations introducing a PHP error.

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Hi @Brockenbrow,

Thanks for writing in.

Update your setup to the latest version.

Check your plugin and theme version if it is the compatible version.

Lastly, if still not helping, please share us your admin credentials in a secure note so we could check your setup closer.


i used the latest version downloaded from the dashboard.

how do i submit a secure note - edit - just figured it, will do so now


Hi There,

I’ve manually updated your Pro theme.

Everything seems to work fine now.

Could you please have a look again?



sorry, but its still not working.

child theme does not install, and also when i click the pro icon in the left hand pain, it asks me to validate (already validated), and cannot select automatic updates etc either.

and note this is a brand new fresh install, not an update


Hi there,

You should not be getting the second Pro icon near the bottom area of the admin page when you use Pro.

Please login through FTP and go to wp-content/plugins then delete the cornerstone directory if you have it in there.

Kindly also try to reinstall a clean version of Pro which you can get here.

In case you are still not able to get it sorted, please provide us with your FTP access as well.

Thank you.


no there isn’t a cornerstone within that directory,

it was a completely fresh install of Pro, and i tried doing doing a fresh install of wordpress and Pro again - and its just done the same.

I will attach the FTP login details.


Hi @Brockenbrow,

Before we do something in your setup, it would be best that we confirm that we have the permission to do something in your setup such us re installation or removing plugin.

Once we confirm that, we’ll do our best to fix this problem.


yes, you have full permission do a fresh install etc if required


Hi Alex,

I reinstalled the WordPress and the Pro theme for you and validated the code and added a test page and it worked with no problem:

I followed the steps mentioned in the Getting Started section articles of our Knowledgebase:

I suggest that you bookmark the knowledgebase as it lists all the articles you need to learn to work with Pro theme.

Thank you.

thanks for the fix,

i do need to try to figure out where it went wrong, being as it was a complete fresh wordpress install, and a new download from the apex dashboard for the pro etc.

i have a 2nd license i can play with, that i bought by mistake.

On behalf of my colleague, you’re welcome. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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