Theme breaks "The Events Calendar" plugin


I’m trying to use the following plugin:

On this page:

Unfortunately as you can see, its broken. How can we fix? I have seen some other posts where people are using the same plugin fine with Pro - so I’m a bit baffled as to why its not working for me.

Reverting back to the standard WP theme makes it work (but obviously I don’t want to do that!)



Hi There,

It sounds like you might be having an issue with a third party plugin or script. Regretfully, we cannot provide support for third party plugins or scripts as our support policy in the sidebar states due to the fact that there is simply no way to account for all of the potential variables at play when using another developer’s plugin or script. Because of this, any questions you have regarding setup, integration, or troubleshooting any piece of functionality that is not native to X will need to be directed to the original developer.

We have a Calendar plugin which bundled with X/Pro theme(it’s free 100%), you should give it a try:


Thanks for the reply. Why would it break only in your theme though? It works fine in the other themes

With regards to the other calendar plugin - where do I find that? I did look for it, but all I could find was the “lite” version, and to be honest I was a bit underwhelmed with the features (we want a detailed page for each event, with maps etc)

UPDATE: Never mind, I found the plugin. I have installed it, but it doesn’t send to an event specific page when you click on the event. Is there a setting I need to tweak to enable detailed pages for events?

UPDATE 2: Scrap that - I got it going. The problem was I set a value in “Event Link” instead of the “More Info” column. It now sends to an event specific page as I wanted :slight_smile:



Glad you’ve sorted it out :slight_smile:

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