The philosophy of advanced elements

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I’ve posted a topic in the peer-to-peer forum, but since it’s not really generating any discussion, I might as well ask the X team.

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They are V2 elements, could be advanced but not really as it’s only the second version of the classic one. Just like other software, it may replace the classic ones in the future though, that’s just my opinion as that’s I usually see evolving features. It may or may not happen. And the good part of it is you have multiple options, use an element that directly uses global configuration or use v2 elements that you wish to have specific or local configuration.

The v2 elements have more options and features than the classic one thus resulting to the more complex structure and more advanced controls. And V2 elements has its own setting which may or may not follow the global settings, the global settings usually serve as the default settings where v2 element can inherit, like if you set the v2 element’s font to inherit. V2 element best works with preset, as you can save a default preset and it will act as a global configuration for that same v2 element type. Please check this,, then you can set default preset in Templates > Cog Icon > Template Manager


Aaaaaaaaaah now I get it. This is really good to know. I will definitely implement this workflow into my future projects. The V1 elements are kinda outdated, and manually loading a preset every time you add e.g. a button is just not working nice. I will dive deeper into Templates!


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You may also check this KB article to read more about the Template Manager:

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