The links in my posts have all changed

My website displays a grid of posts which are links which are updated frequently. For some reason, the links have all changed to be the same link instead of being the individual link posted originally. Is the only way to fix this is by doing it manually? How do we prevent this from happening in the future?

Hi @blmg1,

I checked and the links in your grid seems to work fine.

The posts goes to individual post’s page and some goes to the alternative link you have set in the grid post settings.

For example this post - 21 ADAR 1 / FEBRUARY 26 goes to
Which is correct since you have added an alternative link

then this one 23 ADAR 1 / FEBRUARY 28 goes to
which is also corrct since you have not added an alternative link

Please try to clear your browser cache and check again.

For additional information kindly refer to the links below


We usually post the links in the Alternative Link field. For some reason, a link was put in the regular link field in many of our posts, linking to the wrong file. We are manually going back and making sure the right link is placed and the other one is deleted, but we were wondering if there is a quick-fix or a way to prevent the link field to be populated.

Hi @blmg1,

I am not exactly sure what you refer to as regular link field. Can you provide us a screenshot.
With regards to updating, I am sorry but you will need to do it manually.


We usually posted our links in the Alternative Link field (blue) and for some reason, the regular link field was populated by one link for all the posts (red) making the page link to the wrong file. We are going in and manually changing them, but we wanted to make sure it wouldn’t happen again.

Hi There @blmg1

Upon checking, I see that your X theme and Cornerstone plugins are not uptodate. Please head over to Dashboard -> Updates section and update your X theme and Cornerstone plugin.

Since you’re using a caching plugin, please make sure to clear all caches when testing your issue (

Let us know how it goes.

Can this issue have been caused by a wordpress update? we are still trying to understand if there is a way to reverse the issue without manually changing all the links.

Hi @blmg1,

I tried this on my test site. Added alternative links to a number of posts then update theme and cornerstone.
I check the regular link field and it did not get updated. After that I updated wordpress then check again, the links remains as is. It might be that a third party plugi is causing this issue. I suggest that before updating you create a staging site(complete copy of your site) and test the update there first. If everything looks fine, that is the time you update your live site. I also suggest that you create full backup of your site before updating.

You can use these thirdparty plugin.


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