The Grid - Woocommerce thumbnail hover issues

Hi Team X,

After several hours of trouble shooting I hope you can see this issue with fresh eyes and perhaps assist. We have tried switching to a default theme, deactivating applicable (and non-applicable) plugins, worked through different user permissions scenarios, different media types, sizes, upload options, nothing seems to explain why 3 cloned products with exactly the same settings, same images, same admin user created… would 2 have a hover variation image display in the grid page below.

It’s a serious issue and we’re stumped - I will contact the Grid too - but I really hope someone can make sense of this.

Originally the user Shop Manager - thought it was their user permissions but I am having the same results through all the tests above.

on and off subject - which Envato purchase code do we use to enter the Grid support system. I can not submit a ticket without one.

Hi there,

I checked the page in question and the hover result for 2 of them are the same. The middle one does not have the alternative image to have a hover effect. Add the alternative image for the middle one and it will be ok.

if you do not see what I will have recorded in the Secure Note then you will need to check the website with another machine as it might be the cache problem.

Hi there,

Please ignore the message as you have the bundled version of The Grid extension and you do not need a purchase key. For more information please read the bundled version section of the article below:

Thank you.

Thank you Christopher,

But all the products are set up the same - exactly - this is our reason for reaching out.
How can they all be clones and have the exact images (and variation images) and not behave the same… you can login to review - they are all the same, but displaying differently.

Is there no way to reach out to The Grid support team - or do we send all The Grid questions to your team?

Hi There,

There is no need to repeat the product feature image on product gallery.

I have removed them and it works fine.

Hope it helps

@Joao - nothing short of AMAZING - so sorry that we spent so long running all the tests and still missed that small variable. THANK YOU!

On behalf of my colleague, you’re welcome. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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