The Grid; Open the lightbox with media from only one post from the grid?

I’m using The Grid plugin with the lightbox functionality on click. I’d like the lightbox to open with only the media from a single post in The Grid instead of all of the media from all of the posts that make up The Grid.

I have a grid of projects that a client has done. There are 92 total images for all of the projects combined and the lightbox opens with all of those able to be cycled through. I’d like it to only load the images for the project that is initially clicked.

I understand there may be some Javascript to enable that functionality.

Hi @VMStudio,

Thank you for writing in, Regretfully, lightbox options for The Grid is limited. You might want to check Essential Grid instead. It has the feature that you’re looking for, see Lightbox Gallery > Gallery Mode > Single Mode option.

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Hi @friech,

I actually tried using the Essential Grid plugin initially and the lightbox gallery wouldn’t work at all using the settings described in that link. I’ve seen other issues on the forum where the lightbox in Essential Grid isn’t working with the x theme. It loads the featured image for each post, but that’s it example here -

Hello @VMStudios,

Please edit your grid and make sure that your Lightbox Gallery settings are like this:

For more details, please check out his documentation:

That is what I have set:

I have content galleries created and published for the first 2 items in the grid - 10 Towns and Christ Community Chapel. When you click the magnifying glass, it only shows the first image in the gallery. There is no option for navigating through the additional gallery images. I do have those options selected in the settings. I can only put one image per post, so that image will follow.

Hello @VMStudios,

Would you mind providing us access to your site so that we can check your settings? Please create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WordPress Admin username / password

To know how to create a secure note, please check this out:


I just added a secure note with the requested information.

Hey @VMStudios,

Sorry but we could not login using the credentials.

Please ensure they’re correct.


I reset the password and provided it in a new secure note. Please try again.

Hey @VMStudios,

I tested your EG grid exactly as their documentation but it looks like it doesn’t work maybe at-least for the Portfolio Item. Would you mind using the default Post post type and not the Portfolio Item?

If it still won’t work, would you consider another alternative? That is using our theme’s Lightbox shortcode. It also has a grouping option. It does not have filters, however, but if you allow manually separating the lightboxes into sections this could be the option for you.

For more details about our theme’s Lightbox, please visit the links below.

Hope that helps.

I created some standard posts (gallery type & standard type), then directed the test grid to reference them as the source. It’s still not working.

My client requires filters for this portfolio page, so the built-in Lightbox won’t work.

The Grid author made the below comment in their plugin support forum that indicates it can perform the way that I want it to, but when I posted on the forum, they indicated that you as the theme owner were responsible for supporting it since it came bundled. Can you obtain the custom JS indicated in the post from the plugin author?

Or, we need to get Essential Grid working as advertised.

Hi @VMStudios,

Unfortunately, we do not have access to the developers of the Essential Grid on the basis of support case by case. I did some research regarding the case and found out this cached old documentation which uses the Javascript code that might help:

If it does not work, then I’m afraid you need to reconsider using the Essential Grid as it will not handle the method you want.

Thank you for your understanding.

It still does not work.

The comment that I posted the image of in the previous reply was actually from ‘The Grid’ plugin support page, not ‘Essential Grid’. It appears that ‘The Grid’ (at least once) had the functionality that I’m looking for using some custom JS.

I’ve searched your forum and it seems like other people have been having the same/similar trouble with the Essential Grid plugin. Is there any way you can leverage support from their team to solve this and make Essential Grid fully work with your theme?

I tried creating another Essential Grid on another site where I’m running x theme with the same results - the gallery function doesn’t work -

Hey @VMStudios,

Since the feature mentioned in the Essential Grid documentation doesn’t work, we can report this to the makers of Essential Grid, ThemePunch. This will take time though as it will be queued for investigation so you might want to take the option below.

Regarding The Grid, since you’ve asked a pre-sale question to their support and they promised that it could be done with custom JS that can be provided in their support forum, you’ll need to purchase a standalone The Grid license to avail of that custom code. The custom code could be considered an add-on by Theme-one and that is not available when the plugin is bundled in a theme.

Our support only covers the features offered out of the box by the plugins we bundle and if they don’t work, the most we could do is report the problem to their plugin’s support.


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