The Grid - one grid to handle custom types

How to set The Gird to filter by custom type using shortcode?
I want to create one grid then use the shortcode to show only posts of some custom type or with some tags. I want to use one grid on multiple pages to show posts of different types.

The second one I would like to show the posts of some custom type and this type would be get from the URL parameter. Is it possible to set one page with The Grid to show different posts using URL parameter (filter posts showing by The Grid using URL parameter)

Thanks a lot!

Hello @Kolbusz,

Thanks for writing in!

With the Grid plugin, you can always create a grid that displays custom post types or posts from a certain tag or category. You’ll need to create several grids that displays different posts and then you can make us of the grid shortcode to display the grid in pages that you want.

Regretfully you cannot set one page and display a grid with different posts with just url parameter because it does not how the grid works. Please check out the documentation to know more about the grid and how it works.

Hope this helps.

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