The grid - gallery + word break issue

Hi there,

I would like to request a bit of help regarding the following:

I have a “Grid” set up here with “The Grid”, but I’d like to make two modifications:

    Words don’t break correctly, I would want it to have word-break, but I can’t make it work via css, can you help?

  2. Gallery - Right now, if I click on an image, it opens the lightbox. However, if I move to the left or right, the images of the next item come up. Is there a way to separate them based on the post where it draws the images from?


Hi @Pbalazs89,

Please add this code in the Global CSS:

.tg-item .tg-light h2 a {
    display: block;

Please go to Grid Settings > Media then disable the Gallery slide show option or disable the Gallery option…

Hope this helps.

Hi there,

I added the code to Theme Options Global CSS but unfortunately it did not fix my issue, take a look:

Also, I checked my settings and gallery is “on”, but it still displays all images:

Any ideas?

Hi @Pbalazs89,

You can try this code instead.

.tg-item .tg-cats-holder *, .tg-item .tg-item-excerpt, .tg-item .tg-item-title, .tg-item .tg-item-title a {
    word-wrap: normal !important;
    -webkit-hyphens: manual !important;
    -moz-hyphens: manual !important;
    -ms-hyphens: manual !important;
    hyphens: manual !important;

Hope this helps

Wow, that worked great, thanks for the help. Any idea regarding the gallery perhaps?

Hi @Pbalazs89,

Can you please send us with some screenshots? Currently, the gallery looks good on my end:

Thank you.

Hi @thai,

Thanks for looking into it. It does look perfect. The problem is not with the gallery but with its contents. When a visitor clicks on a given item, I’d like it to open a lightbox to that given element’s content. So 3-4 images usually. Right now, any item I click on opens the ENTIRE gallery, so about 80 images. Hope this clears up the issue.

Hello @Pbalazs89,

Thanks for updating the thread.

The Grid will by default load the entire gallery. As an alternative you have the option of taking a look at Envira Gallery plugin which can be installed from Pro > Validation > Extension which load the images from specific gallery.

To get started, you can take a look at following resource.


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