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So I have my blog page set as my post page under the reading setting. I want to turn all of my current posts and future posts in the grid. After I decided to use one of the premise grid designs. There’s no way for me to apply them on my posts page.
Can someone please help

Thank you !

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You can switch the blog page to Mansory style under X > Theme Options > Blog > Style > select Mansory:

Or you can create a page and try with the Grid & Essential Grid plugins:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I already gave mine set to masonry, the problem is like I want my posts page to show the grid I have setup but The post page won’t update with the grid design

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Please clarify a few things.

Did you build a grid using one of our addons, The Grid or Essential Grid and you want to display this grid as your blog page?

If yes, you need to add to a normal page which won’t be select on Settings> Reading > as your latest post page, it needs to be a normal WP page otherwise WP will load the blog template which is automatically generated.

If that does not help, please provide your URL and explain your situation in more detail.


My url is and I have my home / blog set under posts page. I want to use one of the imported demo grids from the grid.

I want the sidebar on the right but I don’t want there to be a container if I use the grid. I set the stack to ethos to have the post not be in a container.

Ideally though I would like to use the grid to display the posts using their designs while having that right sidebar

If you click the test blog tab I want that grid to show while having the sidebar on the right

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Unfortunately, I am still confuse with your statement and with what I saw on your site. Home page and test blog is the same:

I want to use one of the imported demo grids from the grid.
By default on wordpress when page is set as post page, it’s content is controlled by a template, we cannot use the grid.

To use the grid, use a normal page(not set as post page), then under Page Templates: Choose a template with sidebar. After that and you still have questions, share the page specific URL.

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Thanks for sharing this link. This is very helpful.


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