Text in pop-up or lightbox?


On this page http://fitklub.nl/new/groepslessen/ I have several images, 4 in a row representing different fitness programs of ClubJoy. Besides the program-logos I also want some explanatory text with it but I don’t want that text to be as it is now. I’d like it appear in a lightbox when hovering over the logo or via a link (text or button). Is that possible?

Hi there!

Would our lightbox shortcode work for you in this case? (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/shortcodes-lightbox/165)

If not, perhaps a solution could be using either Essential Grid or The Grid, setting up the grid with the 4 images and then setting them to open in a lightbox/modal window.

One other option would be to use a popup plugin or conversion plugin like ConvertPlug which can open any content in a modal by using a CSS selector.


What would the lightbox shortcode look like for text? I considered this but seeing as it only describes how to use a lightbox for media like images and video, I wasn’t sure if it really is suitable for text.

Hi there,

Ultimately the lightbox shortcode is only really suitable for a line or two of text, rather than multiple stylized paragraphs. If you want multiple paragraphs with different heading sizes, fonts colors etc, then I’d recommend going down the Essential Grid route. :slight_smile:


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