Testing Church Demo Data

Hi. New to X Theme.

I am using the above data, as the site will need very little change. However, when I press on the menu items Sermons, or sermons or events, I am seeing the posts for that post category, which is great.

However the page is entitled Category Archive. Is it possible to change this so that it simply reflects the menu item that has been selected - e.g. Sermons, New, or whatever. Do I need to create new pages for this?

Also, is it possible to format this page to change the number of posts that are displayed and also the number of columns?



Hi Its Ok I see how it is done in Post Categories > Archive Name

Just need to know how to change the number of posts displayed and columns if this is possible?

Hi there,

To change the Title of the Archive pages which the Category you have mentioned is one of them, you need to go to Posts > Categories and select the category in question and there you will have an option to change the title:

To control the numbers of the blog posts to show in the listing go to Settings > Reading and set the proper value for the option below:

And finally, to change the layout of the blog listing page go to X > Launch >Options > Blog.

I suggest that you bookmark the link below as it has a complete list of our knowledge base articles for more information and reading:

Thank you.

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