Templates don't save or load


I have just noticed that my Pro doesnt save or load templates any more. I try to save a new page template – and I get a message that it was saved and a new item appeares on the list of my templates.
But when I try to load that template to a new post, nothing happens. I can load templates which were saved around 2 updates ago, but not the new ones, saved last week.

I want to also add that I had a red notice about html tags not being closed, but it was clearly caused by W3 Cache plugin. After deactivating the plugin, I have no warning any more, and I repeated the whole procedure of saving and loading new templates, but problem is still there.

The website is: dharmaebooks.org


Hi there,

Thank you for the information. Would you please kindly follow up the steps mentioned in the article below even if the error message is not the same for you?

If you still have problems, kindly get back to us with the URL, USER, PASS of your website using the Secure Note functionality of the post to follow up the case.

Thank you.

Hi, the note is attached to my reply above. I couldn’t find the source of the problem. Any red warnings are gone as soon as I disable W3 Cache plugin. And still, templates dont want to load.

Hi @tashitendrel,

I saved your home page as a template and loaded it in the test page I created (see Secure Note)

Please clear your browser’s cache or try incognito mode and other browsers.


@christian_y thank you for this. I can see the page you have created and I can load that template. Would it be too much, if I asked you to do the same with any post?
I have just created a new template from a post, called it test. And when I tried to load it I can see only header and footer… No content. See the attached screenshot.


Can you provide us a video on how you are creating your template.

It seems that the template is blank to start with.


here is the video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lga8g5mcsxrsi8f/saving%20template.mov?dl=0

Hi There,

You are doing it correct. Now, I tried to replicate the process to see where the error is coming from. I found that inserting the template on the page cause the following error:

I have check the other pages and try to reload it in the builder and notice that the same error exist. You could try testing for a plugin conflict. You can do this by deactivating all third party plugins, and seeing if the problem remains. If it’s fixed, you’ll know a plugin caused the problem, and you can narrow down which one by reactivating them one at a time. If the issue persists, please try reinstalling the theme. The error says that some functions is not recognized. That might if a plugin a conflict or if there’s some missing files on the theme. Please note to save a backup of your site before testing. Thank you.

Hi there,

those red lines don’t look good today I have tried all you have recommended. I deactivated all plugins, and problem was still there. I downloaded and reinstalled Pro (and cleaned caches) and again, no improvement.
I have tried now also to save it as a block (it’s one Section page), but it doesn’t save it too.
The browser caches were also cleaned.

It is really puzzling me that I can save and load templates made from pages, but I cannot do the same from posts. Maybe there is something wrong in the way posts are structured now? I have changed them recently - now they have only one section and line has 0 margins. But how these could make such a problem… ?

Maybe you could look again, please?


Hey Beata,

I saved your test post as a page template and it was successful.

I then inserted it in this test post I created.

It looks like there’s something on your end is causing the issue? Would you mind clearing your browser cache again? Also test in incognito mode and other browsers. If you have browser extensions, please deactivate them all for troubleshooting purposes.


Dear christian_y, unfortunatelly, that test had already template created from page (created earlier by you) and that work. Templates from pages work. And this is what I was testing here. Please try to create a template from an actual life post and than upload it to a test post. It doesnt work and it is not a browser problem.

Hello There,

I am another staff checking on this thread. I created a new test page “An X Test” page (http://prntscr.com/hip8lh) and have successfully save it as a Cornerstone template. I edited other page and I was able to load the saved template with no issues at all. Please check my screenshot:

Please make sure that you have save it as a page and check it in My Pages. I am guessing that this is just a browser cache problem. Please clear your browser cache or use private browsing mode and test again.

Please let us know how it goes.

Hi guys,
I do appreciate all the efforts, but looks like my message doesnt go through. So will try to explain it all over again:

  1. I can do a template from a page on the website. I think I said it already a couple of times above, that saving and uploading those templates doesnt create any issues. And so creating a new testing page and saving it as template was completely pointless. I don’t even need any new template for actual page.

  2. I can also save and load template from a post - which Christian has also proved to work. I was also able to save templates before, and all those earlier created templates easily get uploaded to any new posts or pages.

  3. Now, the actually problem arrived when we have changed the structure of our posts. All our posts are very similar, they have kind of same structute and we have made an effort to go back to every each of them and changed their look. And because we want to continue using the same structure/look of any new posts, we would like to very much save them, or at least one of them, as a template. Till now all my attempts failed. The message comes up that the template is saved, but when we try to upload it, it looks empty.

Here again is the video from today: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mzdey5u9rf9pvls/saving%20post%20template.mov?dl=0

The whole problem is that I have no idea what is causing it. Maybe there is something wrong with those posts, maybe something happened during the theme updates. I have no clue.

  1. I have cleaned the caches, on the website, on the browsers, I did try the incognito mode on Chrome.

  2. I disabled all the plugins and tried again - no results. I reinstalled Pro - no results.

And on top of that I have an impression that you don’t want to help me with my issue, you only want to prove that the system works. And yes, generally it works, all other pages or newlly created posts can be saved as templates, but our actuall online posts cannot. You are showing me your newly created pages or posts, but have you actually tried to do the same thing we helplessly trying to get? Please look at the video.

Hey @tashitendrel,

Let me first say I’m sorry if you felt you’re being ignored. We want to help. We only had a confusion here.

I think the confusion started with me when you said this in your previous reply:

Notice you said, “any post” not live post like you said later.

In my previous reply to you, I actually tested a post. But yes, I tested a test post because I don’t want even a very small chance of accidentally ruining your live posts.

I tested again using the live post and I experience the issue you encountered (see first recording in Secure Note).

I suspected the contents in your live post (I tested this live post) so I removed elements with non-english characters and saved it as a new template then imported it to the test post afterwards and it works (see second recording Secure Note).

With that discovery, the issue is with the characters. This might not be allowed depending on the database setup or other factors in your server configuration. I can say that because I tested your template in my local dev site and it works (see image in Secure Note).


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