Tab bars for mobile


Has anybody made a bottom tab bar for mobile with the new header/footer builder?
I’m considering something similar to the Twitter and FB apps have; A white bar with 4-5 icons on it.

Twitter mobile app

Facebook mobile app



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Hi J,

That is possible. Feel free to check our knowledge base for guidance. It us under PRO. Inside a BAR > Container > Either add text element or Image element to add those content. Knowledge base is rich in tutorials, this will help you speed up building those content.

Thanks Lely.

I’ve read through everything relating to a sticky footer and it looks like it’s not possible with the builders.
The footer builder doesn’t have a sticky option

The header builder does have an option for moving the header to the bottom of the screen, which can be set to sticky functionality per this thread:

However, that means I have to chose between a header at the top or a bottom tab bar. I need social icons and a logo at the top with a tab bar at the bottom. Is there a way to do both?


Hi there,

You can only have one bar on that, with two containers. Example, you can change your header bar flex layout to the column, then the two containers will stack together instead of side by side.

Then add your social icons and logo on the first container and your tab in the second container.

And yes, footer can’t be set as sticky, especially the sticky setup requires a trigger (like when scrolled and so on), plus the footer is in the bottom where it requires scrolling up to the end.

Maybe what you’re looking is something like ConvertPlus’ info bar where it can be set as floating bar in the bottom.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Rad.

I’ve modified my layout per your suggestion

How do I get the new container to stick to the bottom?


Hi there,

Ah, I thought you’re just referring to containers that are stacked together ( eg. upper container and bottom container). You should utilize the bottom bar in that kind of setup ( as @christoper suggested ).

My question is, what’s the problem with choosing between top and bottom? You can add social icon and logo to the top bar and tab to the bottom at the same time.


Thanks Rad.

That works. I didn’t understand that you could choose both top and bottom options for the header bar.
I’ve added a bottom section


Hi There,

You’re always welcome!