Style the color of a button shortcode in pro renew theme

Hi I’m using pro, with the renew stack. I’m adding buttons in posts using shortcode, is it possible to change the background and text colors within the shortcode code?

I don’t want to make a global change, just certain buttons on various pages.


Hi there,

You can not do that with the Shortcode. But you can go to Pro > Settings and enable it to posts:

Then you will have the Pro Editor at hand for the post and you can use the Button element to fine-tune style of the button.

Thank you.

thanks Christopher. I do have that setting enabled, but isn’t that only for using the pro editor and not when writing a regular page or post type in wordpress?

Pro editor isn’t really ideal for writing articles, and that’s where I have the buttons placed. Unless I’m missing something, I cannot style a button while in a regular wordpress-type post right?

Hi again,

If you use pro editor for your posts you’ll have unlimited options to create and style your posts. However if you want to style your button shortcode then you’ll have to use custom CSS for this. For example give your button a class by adding a class attribute in the shortcode, say custom-buttom and then add the following code in Theme Options > CSS:

.custom-buttom {
	background: #9f4c4c;
	color: #fff;

Hope this helps!

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