Struggle to understand templates

Hi there, in template-manager I have something called Starter: quote. I would really like this style on all my blockquotes in my blog. Is this possible? Or have I misunderstood what the teamplate-manager is for?

Hello @voxbono,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I would first encourage you to take a look at following tutorial to get some foundational information about templates and template manager:

Here is a screencast showing how template manager works.


Hi and thanks for your answer @Prasant.

So, I guess there is no easy way for me to style quotes in blog posts with Pro?

Hello There,

The template manager and the templates you have made can only be used in Cornerstone or the Pro Editor. If the quotes in your posts were created using the default WordPress Editor, you cannot apply the template you have made. If you want to style the quotes in your blog posts, you might need custom css to replicate what you have created in your template: Starter: quote.

Hope this helps.

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