Strange unicode problem with PRO and the Events Calendar

I have a problem with Events Calendar Pro when I am creating Recurring Events and Cornerstone. For the content of my event I need to use Cornerstone which is working absolutely fine when I am creating normal events.

But when I am creating Recurring Events, the plugin makes a copy of the post with a different date but my problem is that this process of copying the HTML is somehow converting accented characters to unicode and adds a “n” before any <ul><li> tag.

Here’s the original event: here’s the recurring event created by the plugin:

There is another problem with the same page the styles for my green button are gone. Somehow the same copying process did create a new unique element in cornerstone.

here’s the normal, working code from the original event:

<a class="e6002-23 x-anchor x-anchor-button" tabindex="0" href="" style="outline: medium none currentcolor;">
<span class="x-anchor-content">
        <span class="x-anchor-text"><span class="x-anchor-text-primary">Richiedi Informazioni</span></span>          </span>

And here’s the same part but for the copied version:

<a class="e6568-23 x-anchor x-anchor-button" tabindex="0" href="" style="outline: medium none currentcolor;">
<span class="x-anchor-content">
        <span class="x-anchor-text"><span class="x-anchor-text-primary">Richiedi Informazioni</span></span>          </span>

you see the only difference is the e6568-23 element.

I really need to use Cornerstone as it’s really easy to use for my clients but I really needs the recurring events to look fine, so can you help?

PS: by the way your plugin is fantastic and besides this problem, it works very very well.


When copying the html code try to paste it first in notepad then copy it again from notepad and paste in your editor.

Hope that helps

I am not copying anything.
The Events Calendar plugin is. When you transform your event in Recurring event it makes a copy of the html in a new event post.
When it does it with normal html or even with Visual Composer shortcodes it works, when it does it with Cornerstone it makes this strange unicode conversion in the text.

Obviously I have already talked to the Events Calendar support and they told me that the plugin is’nt doing anything strange while copying the content of the post.

For the button problem it seems it is the same problem I have when I use a clone or duplicate post plugin to duplicate a page or an article with cornerstone content, the styles are gone! Then I just have to re-save the page and then it works, this may be ok if I am doing it but I cannot tell my clients to use it ! And the whole purpose of using Cornerstone in the first place is that it’s easier to use for them! Why can’t I duplicate a page? Will you fix it soon?

Hello There,

Thank you for the clarifications. We will inform our developers regarding the Cornerstone and MEC plugin issue. They will need to look into this strange character in the conversion of the text.

Meanwhile, when using Cornerstone, you do not have to use 3rd party plugin to duplicate post. In most case, the post will be duplicated but all the styling will not be included because the duplicate plugin only duplicated the contents and not the post meta where the Cornerstone data, which holds the styling, is saved. It is best that when you duplicate a page, you make it as a Content template and re use it later on. To know more about our template manager present in the theme, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

MEC? I am not using “Modern Events Calendar”, I am using The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe.
Also this duplicate thing is a problem, because this plugin (The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe), duplicate the posts to make the recurring events, and those events loose the styling and then appear this strange unicode instead of the accented characters.

Maybe I should use the Visual Composer, after all.

FYI, I tested it with the Visual Composer and it works! It’s really a pity I am using X for years now and really liked where you were going with cornerstone but if I can’t duplicate a page and worse, if it’s not compatible with a plugin I really need, I am afraid I will have to go back to the visual composer.

Are you sure there’s nothing we can do? Like a way to duplicate along the post this cornerstone post meta?

Hey @raf,

I tested duplicating a Cornerstone built page using a duplicate post plugin to replicate post duplication and I didn’t get this issue. This means there’s something specific with Events Calendar post duplication that is conflicting with Cornerstone content. Regretfully, we, the support staff, don’t have the resources to troubleshoot third party conflicts. What we could do is post this in our issue tracker so our development team could be made aware once they go through the list of reports.

Thank you for understanding.

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