Sticky Header Issue - Not Working on Certian Pages

My header isn’t working correctly on certain pages. I tested the pages by taking off the Essential Grid and the header will work fine, odd thing is I do have another page set up that has the Essential Grid but header works fine and will stay sticky on that page.

Hey @ash08surf,

It is because of the error/bug in Essential Grid’s lightbox.

I’ll post this to our issue tracker. For now, you will need to an alternative lightbox. You can use the lightbox shortcode available in X or you can find a third party lightbox solution.


Thanks for your help Christian. I used the lighbox shortcode and it works nice. My only other question, is there a way to get rid of the that loading animation on top when you click on the lightbox? I’ve searched, and can’t seem to find a solution.

Hi There,

Please add the following code to theme options CSS

.ilightbox-loader {
	display: none !important;

Hope it helps!

Thanks, that’s much better and worked perfectly! One more question came up regarding the lightbox, when I click to play on a video other than the first one, the video pops up and then pauses and autoplays the first video instead of the one selected.

Hello there,

It is because you may have scrolled your mouse accidentally that causes the 2nd video to transition to the 1st video.

I’ve tested it with a dummy 2nd video and it’s now working.

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