Stick nav with background image

Is there a way to replicate the navigation in the header along with the background image using Pro (Integrity Light stack)?

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! Regretfully the given example url is giving an error 500.

Since you are using Pro, you can always make use of the custom header builder to easily recreate any header design you want. I am not sure how it looks like since I haven’t seen your example url. I am sure you can replicate it.

To get you acquainted with the header builder in Pro, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

Hi RueNel

The server happened to go down over the weekend. Could you take another look at the link I sent you. I’m using Pro and have build custom headers before, but this one was slightly more unique and was wondering if you might be able to offer any suggestion on how to tackle it.


Yes, that’s posible.

Create a pro Header and add 2 containers.

In container 1, add an image element and select your logo image.

In container 2 add navigation inline element and select your menu.

After that, enable sticky bar, set initial position to absolute then adjust shrink amount.

Hope that helps.

Hello. I added a secure link with the original URL I had you look at but I don’t seem able to go back and view that secure note. Does the secure notes dissapear after a certain amount of time?

Hi There,

Not it does not. Did you try to follow the instructions given by Paul?

On what stage you are facing issues?