Starting vertical menu below the horizontal header

If you look at the vertical menu on the left side of the page:

you can see that it starts from the top of the left side of the page and down to the end of the page. Also, it pushes the horizontal menu to the right side of the page (which I don’t want to happen).
I want the horizontal menu to take the whole space at top of the page. And the vertical menu to start immediately below the horizontal menu which is around the middle of the page.
How can this be done?


Hi @jamesnoronha,

Did you mean to make the sub-menu sit below the parent menu item?

It can be done with a lot of custom CSS codes. However, that would fall beyond the scope of our support since it would require custom development. You need to contact to a 3rd party developer to help you with this.

Thank you for understanding.

So this is what I am trying to achieve:

The left side menu starts after or below the global header.


Hi @jamesnoronha,

It’s not currently possible. And the one on your screenshot is a sidebar, I recommend utilizing the Sidebar Left - Content right template of your page template.

Then simply add global block shortcode to the text widget of that sidebar. And within the global block, add your menu and search element.


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