Starting from Default Theme


I’d like to re-design my website and start from a default X Pro theme. How would I go about doing this?

Thank you,

  • Niko

Hey Niko,

Thanks for writing in. Building or replicating a website with Pro requires that you know the basics. I’d recommend that you first watch the Header and Footer Builder Introduction tutorial in our Knowledge Base:

After that, move on to the Content Builder tutorials.

Once you know how to use the builders, you will be able to redesign your website.

Hope that helps.

Am I able to reference the “Demo Content” from the regular version of X? Those templates were helpful before I upgraded. Is there something similar to that in Pro?

Hey Niko,

Regretfully, the demos that you see here are only exclusive for X.

Inversely, Pro has the Design Cloud. You can learn more about the Design Cloud in our Template Manager documentation.


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