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i am using Siteground who i love but i am running Into this issue how can i fix it with out screwing up my website thanks in advanced.


Hi @anthonypaulgraffeo,

Thanks for writing in.

You can check the link below on how to fix this error.

I could see that you are using Siteground hosting. You can contact this problem regarding this issue.

Let us know how it goes.


thanks for all you guys do i am loving the updates i chatted with siteground they said to contact you guys and i thought htis was a support ticket is there a way i can give you guys my log in and you can help me fix this time sensitave pain in the but issue. please and thanks in advance

Hello @anthonypaulgraffeo,

Sure, kindly share login details using secure note feature to take a more closer look.


I’m having the exact same issue re: SiteGround and staging.

We have several licenses already - we would like to continue using X for all client sites going forward. But we also need the ability to utilize staging - because I simply don’t have the time to constantly be moving sites from Dev to Production manually.

Is there a way to resolve this issue? Please advise.

Thank you,

I removed your login info (the OP could see it). You’re welcome to open your own thread if you want.

Unfortunately, this SiteGround staging issue is something that we don’t have a clear solution for just yet. We’re in contact with SiteGround about it and are waiting for them to advise further. For more information about what’s going on you can take a look at this:

Hopefully we’ll be able to come to a solution soon.

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