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I am using Integrity with a inline menu, but I would like the mobile menu to be stacked is this possible?
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Hi Tony,

When I checked, I can see you are using legacy header and the default mobile menu:

When using Pro header, we can use Navigation Dropdown element. Hide the nav inline menu on smaller screen and show nav dropdown instead. On Customize Tab of each element, you can see HIDE BASED ON SCREEN WIDTH settings.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help, I have created a header through pro and associated this with a test page
I have found a couple of issues, the first occurring when you resize a window, the menu items compress to the point where they can overlap. Secondly, when going into mobile view the menu icon drops under the logo, but when clicking this the menu slides in from either left or right, is it possible to set the menu to display as previously shown using the legacy header?

Thanks again for your help.


Hey @tonylees,

The quickest way to achieve what you want is import and edit the default header.

It looks like this on desktop and laptop screens.

Like this on tablet.

And this on mobile.

You can also learn from that setup. Just delete the container containing the social media icons.

You need to make the menu disappear earlier by setting the Hide During Breakpoints laptop view.

Alternatively, and/or in addition to that, you can set your Image to scale and lower your Bar’s height. If you do that, it might be possible that you skip hiding the menu I instructed earlier.

Add the Navigation Collapsed element inside the container containing your Navigation Inline and hide it on desktops. Once your Navigation Inline disappears (using the option I stated earlier), your Navigation Collapsed will be shown.

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