Space after image

there is a huge space after the image that I cannot figure out how to diminish. I have tried the class=“mbn” but it doesnt reduce the space.

how do i reduce this space?

please see screenshot

Hi there,

Please try to check the row and the section setting of the containers for the image and the headline and make sure that there is no margin or padding set either to the bottom of the image element and the top of the headline element.

If you can’t find any padding or margin set, please provide the URL of the page in question.

I don’t understand the screenshot you are showing me. please elaborate.

Hello There,

Sorry for the confusion.

The space above the heading title is because of the default top margin of the heading tags. To resolve your issue, simply update your heading tag and use this instead:

<h4 style="margin: 10px 30px; color: #002f4f;">Why Their Stories Are Important</h4>

or simply use the spacing “utility” classes like this:

<h4 class="mam" style="color: #002f4f;">Why Their Stories Are Important</h4>

The class mam means margin all medium. To know more details about element spacing and how you can reduce or get rid of it, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

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