Sorry, Quick Question

My GoDaddy account went belly up and I had no backup. I’m rebuilding my little store with X-theme.
My problem is that immediately I lost the live preview option. I want to be able to select and view. I had seven themes installed in Word Press that all have Live Preview. I reinstalled X-theme and on initial install I saw the Live options but then they disappeared. All I see now is X-theme as active, but no live preview.

OK, I got it to work.

Can someone suggest a good training for use of X-theme?

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, you can start from our Knowledge Base. See the Cornerstone / Content Builder section.

Some of the interface (screenshots/videos) are taken from the old version though,so it might be different from what you have now but the work flow should be the same.

Feel free to ask us if there is something confuse you.


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