Some Pro questions for a noob

Dear Gurus, I have watched a number of videos but am a little confused as to where to start. I have pro and most videos seem to be for x and start with a downloaded template or amending something they’ve already created

Can you please point me to the direction of a tutorial that starts with creating a page from nothing, and how to publish it?

Secondly, from what I’ve see I can customise containers and elements really well. Currently, using html and CSS if I wanted to change the style of a box across multiple pages I just alter the CSS and they all change. How do I set it up so I can change something throughout without having to edit each page individually?

Finally I wish to create a block to reuse around my website. Are these global? If I change it does it change on all my pages? I have read about a cornerstone addon called global blocks. Do I need to install this seperately?

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Most of the videos you will find for X will also be valid for PRO at this stage of the product.

At the moment PRO does not offer demo content, so this part you cannot count on.

On your Wordpress Top Admin Bar you will find the word PRO, hover and launch.

There you will find: Options, Content, Header, Footer

On Options (Theme Options) is where you will set the general style of your website. You can choose the stack, the general aspect of your buttons among other things. I encourage you to explore one by one.

On Header and Footer, you will find the header and footer builders. This is at this stage the biggest advantage of PRO in relation to X.

The header and footer builder allow you to build highly customizable headers and footer, I believe there is no other WP theme which offers such a flexibility.

The best way of learning is by using it of course but you can check this video before :

On Pro Theme we use the page builder, so when you create a page, click edit with PRO and you will get to the page builder. The page builder is very similar to X Theme page builder Cornerstone, so you can watch some tutorials on how to use Cornerstone, it is the very intuitive builder, but as any new tool, you will have to face a small learning curve.

If you want to change the same element throughout the site with CSS you can use classes, but sincerely, so far you have quite of a learning curve, so I would recommend you concentrating on that later. There is a great series on CSS on the youtube channel Dev Tips - CSS Basics This guy is pure fun and he gives the best tutorials I´ve seen so totally worth checking, but as I said, maybe later :slight_smile:

Finally, Once you create your page on the page builder you have the templates functionality, so you can save your content as a block or page template and using on other parts of your website.

Good luck, X and Pro were the best themes I found on the market ( and I am giving my personal opinion, before joining theme), sometimes things were not easy at the beginning, but we from support are here to guide you and assist you, so reach us if you have any questions.

Hope it helps

Thank you for such a detailed answer. I have a reasonable amount of amateur acquired knowledge of html and CSS but jumped straight into WordPress and Pro in one go so forgive me, but possibly some of my initial questions are more relating to how WordPress works rather than Pro. I have now got myself going and it is working well. I can now see how to get a page with your templates and have been working on a header that adjusts for desktop/mobile - as you say, very intuitive!

My only suggestion would be a simple text guide of a quick-start - ie once you have installed Pro, how to create a page, change it to one of your templates, then publish it and see your page online. It may seem obvious to you but I can’t be the only one! Every video I watched started with."…and here’s one I made earlier" and I kept shouting at the screen “Yeah, but how did you make the one you made earlier”!!

Don’t get me wrong, I am starting to see just how excellent your software is and there’s plenty of help in developing what I need. However, to fully answer my final question please can you advise…

If, for example, I want to create a ‘latest news’ block and have that inserted in 4 pages. When I wish to add my latest news text, do I have to change it in all 4 pages, or is the block I would be saving and adding global, and one change will effect all in the same way as if I change my header then all pages will show the change?

I know I will have further questions re global variables (I used to use php include), but will start those as new threads as and when they come up.

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Hello There,

Thank you for getting back to us. We have noted your feedback and will forward your suggestions to the person who manage our knowledge base. please forgive us for not so well organize articles as we are still adding more pages and group it to a more related topics. You can always check out our full knowledge base in here:

Regarding your other question:
You can make use of the Recent Post element within the Pro editor. This will display the latest news you have posted. The contents will dynamically change without editing any of the page which contains the recent post element. I am not sure if we are in the same page. I am talking about the recent post element. You can check out the demo here:

Please give further clarification or some screenshots if the latest news block that you are referring to is different.


Thank you. I’ll look into that. I do have some other questions but I’ll post as new threads as and when I need to know.

Thanks for the help

You’re most welcome. Yes, please create new threads so we could easily track them. Thanks!