Some pages uneditable with cornerstone after latest update


I see that some pages are uneditable with cornerstone after the latest update. I have gone thru the protocol of disabling plugins and clearing both my network & browser cache.
I have very little custom CSS and none on the pages I am attempting to edit and am not using a child theme currently.

I’ll add a secure note.

Could you help me troubleshoot this problem? I have always appreciated the help I have received on this support forum, so thank you!


Hello @Meridith,

Thank you for the very detailed post information. I have logged in and I found out that you are using the X theme beta 8.0 beta 5. We cannot support this at the moment. Keep in mind that the beta version is not a stable version. We only give support to the latest X theme 7.2.3. If you are hoping to find resolution or discuss any bugs while using the X theme 8.0 beta 5, Kindly post all your concern regarding this beta version in our beta forum:

Thank you for your understanding.

oh, ok.
The link you sent seems to be broken, can you resend?

Hello @Meridith,

If you were not able to view the beta forum link, you may not be a member yet.
Please check out this thread to become one of our beta testers: Become A Beta Tester!


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