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Hello everyone,

I am trying to implement a few social media buttons in my header but have become very stuck. At one time, I successfully have them at the top of my page but not really sure what I did to get them there? Even worse, I accidentally deleted them and now can’t get them back.

I am using an updated version of pro-, inside of the basic ethos template.I have searched the forum and read quite a few articles, double checking whether they have suggested without successfully implementing them. Inside the theme options, I have the link to each appropriate platform i.e. Facebook, Instagram, and twitter.

Here’s a link to my site:

I appreciate the help in advance!



Hey Dennis,

Would you mind giving us a mockup or a sample site of what design you’re trying to achieve. This will give us an idea of what you should use and maybe give you some combination of element settings. For the meantime, try adding a Social or Button element to your bar. Here’s the usage instruction for the Button element The Social element is essentially a button element so the same instruction applies.


Hi Christian,

I’ve simplified my ambitions quite a bit. I may reattempt in the future.

Iwould like to ink from the icons in my header seen here;

I couldn’t find the way to exchange the media icons. so, I inserted images thinking I could just link from them… wrong answer. lol

Any help woul be appreciated.


Hi Dennis,

You are using the Image element and you should be able to add a link to the element when you enable the link option.

Hope this helps.


Thank You very much.


You’re most welcome, Dennis.

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