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Hi there!

I was trying to achieve the following attached view the social profiles links with Pro,

I was able to add the button and the first icon but when I tried to add more icon each icon they were showing aligned vertically didn’t see any option to make them as to the attachment above.

How can I make them?

Thanks in advance!

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, how did you setup the button and icons? Please provide us the page URL so we can take a look.


Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, as you notice those icon elements can not be made a link. With that said we need to do this using a shortcode or a plain html. To do this you can paste the following code on a RAW Content element.

<div class="x-social-global custom">
	<a href="#" class="facebook" title="Facebook" target="_blank">
		<i class="x-icon-facebook-square" data-x-icon="" aria-hidden="true"></i>
	<a href="#" class="twitter" title="Twitter" target="_blank">
		<i class="x-icon-twitter-square" data-x-icon="" aria-hidden="true"></i>
	<a href="#" class="linkedin" title="LinkedIn" target="_blank">
		<i class="x-icon-linkedin-square" data-x-icon="" aria-hidden="true"></i>
	<a href="#" class="github" title="GitHub" target="_blank">
		<i class="x-icon-github-square" data-x-icon="" aria-hidden="true"></i>

Make sure to replace the # with your actual social pages URL.

Hope it helps,

What’s the code for Instagram, and how do you make the icons bigger?

Hi again,

For Instagram you can try this:

<a href="#" class="instagram" title="Instagram" target="_blank">
	<i class="x-icon x-icon-instagram" data-x-icon="" aria-hidden="true"></i>

To make the icons bigger, you can add the following CSS code in your Customizer:

.x-social-global.custom i {
  font-size: 30px !important;

Adjust the font size as per your requirement. Hope this helps!

Hi There,

Do you have any issue with the previous suggestion? Please do let us know how we can help you further.

No. Thank you!

Glad we could help.


Once I sent you a message you never replied. :thumbsdown:

Hi @abdurrehman,

We answer questions from oldest to newest in the forum. Answering to a direct message might not be possible for us since we care for every customer and this will be unfair to others as well. please see

Forum response time can take up to 24 hours Monday through Friday and can be longer on the weekend. Complex questions may take longer. While it is recommended to simply type one response and wait for our staff reply.

Thank you for understanding!

I understand this and know how to get support at Apex forum. So as I did send that message, you could have said no that you are unable to do that. But you never replied. :grimacing: Then for what messages are on the Apex forum?

Anyway thanks for your reply at least here.

Hey there,

You can always post in the forum and we’ll get back to you on your post’s turn since we answer questions from oldest to newest. We may miss direct messages due to the busy forum so apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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