Social Buttons "share via Email" into German

Hallo, Would like to translate the note “Share via Email” into German. That for all buttons. How do I do that?

Many Thanks !


Hi Ralf,

For a quick easy way to do that for the four social media buttons you have, add this JS snippet to (X > Theme Options > JS):

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
	$('.x-share-options').find('a[data-original-title="Share on Facebook"]').attr("data-original-title", "German Text Here");
	$('.x-share-options').find('a[data-original-title="Share on Twitter"]').attr("data-original-title", "German Text Here");
	$('.x-share-options').find('a[data-original-title="Share on Google+"]').attr("data-original-title", "German Text Here");
	$('.x-share-options').find('a[data-original-title="Share via Email"]').attr("data-original-title", "German Text Here");

Don’t forget to replace “German Text Here” string with the proper German trasnaltion in the snippet above. Also, while you are there at (X > Theme Options > JS) please remove font-size:20px; as this isn’t a valid JS code, most probaly you were trying to add CSS code in the CSS section but it ended up there by mistake.

Another final note is to update the theme to the latest stable version, please check this guide to know how you can update the theme:


I inserted the code, unfortunately it did not work. Can I enlarge the buttons a bit?

Many Thanks !

Hi there,

I have just checked your site and the hover text seem to be translated now.

If you want to make the social icons larger, please add this code in the Global CSS:

.x-entry-share .x-share {
    font-size: 30px;

Hope this helps.

the hover text does not seem to work?

Ralf Kalus

Hi Ralf,

Would you mind clarifying which hover text are you referring to? Because I have just checked the social share hover texts and they are correctly set to what you have added in the Javascript code.

Please try clearing your browser cache.

You were right, I just had to empty the cache, thank you very much!