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After adding the snipet addon for authors on post pages i don’t get an author box or anything. Should i be expecting this? If not, I ran the page through the google structure data test after clearing cloudflare and any caching but nothing gets detected.

I read the KB but can’t seem to find out if i’m doing this right or if my expectations are wrong?

Hi there,

There is no Author box supposed to show. The information will be added to a Google Structured data, and then you need to go to each post and in the Structured data meta-box, you need to add proper information for the Author of the post.

If you want to have an Author Box you can consider using Author Shortcode.

Thank you.

What you mean is the function to setup the Shortcode for Author under each Post. Set this to your function.php from the Child Theme or Theme.

// Author Field below the post content - Single page only.
// =============================================================================

add_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘custom_author_code’);

function custom_author_code($content) {
if ( is_single() ) {
return $content . do_shortcode(’[author title=“About the Author”]’);
} else {
return $content;

Thanks for chiming in, @The-E-Blog.

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