Smooth Scroll in X

Dear support,

I have installed Smooth Scroll and read some information about it. It seems that I need to add this script in the custom JS section.


  scrollTop: $('#' + $(this).attr('href').split("#").slice(-1)[0] ).offset().top - $('.x-navbar').height()
},700 ,'swing');


Then in the link i need to add class=“smooth-scroll” to the a tag to make it works, right?

However, in the menu item, when I add the class smooth-scroll to the menu item it goes to li tag rather than the tag. I think it is the default behaviour of Wordpress. How can I add class to the tag? Also, am I correct about the information to get the smooth scroll work?


Hi There,

You dont need to add any JS in order to smooth scroll to work.

Can you clarify.

Thank you

Hi Joao,

I have enabled the Smooth Scroll but I don’t feel any different. Let me send you the link. What I want is to click the menu and jump to the specific section with scrolling effect.


Hi there,

Smooth Scroll Extension is not related to the feature you are talking about:

The feature you are talking about is the One Page Navigation. For more information:

Hope it helps.