Smooth Animated Scroll to ID Stopped Working in Pro

Both prior anchor links we had setup and new links to ID’d sections (eg. #contactsection) on the same page no longer do the nice scroll to the section - after upgrading to Pro it just abruptly takes you to that section.

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I’ve created an example on my local server and the smooth scroll is working normally. So, if you could post some logins details in a secure note and we’d be happy to take a look.

P.S: You can search by “secure note” on this article if you don`t know about this:

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Login added. FYI this occurs on every site we’ve upgraded to Pro 1.1 so it is not one particular site…

I’m having the same issue! Let me know if you figure something out. Thanks so much for asking the question.

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The Smooth Scroll Animation functionality which we know of One Page Navigation is not supported in Pro. If you use the header built with Header Builder you will not have that animation. But if you use the legacy default header you will have it using this method:

We already added this as a Feature Request in our internal software. Kindly read the Feature Request section of this article for more information:

Thank you.

Thanks for chiming in but this ticket is not related to the menu system. Your link points out how to create one-page menus. Not what I’m looking to do. My ticket relates to in-page navigation from a button (not in the menu) to an ID’d content band.

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Totally understand that it may be confusing as the One page Navigation is in the menu and you used normal links inside the content.

Just from technical point of view both cases use the same set of JavaScript functions which is not available in Pro.

Our development team are working on this to make sure it will work correctly in Pro in the future releases.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Ah OK, makes sense now. Patiently waiting for the update. Thanks Chris.

Thanks for understanding. :slight_smile:

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