Smaller duplicate slider image appears

  1. Just purchased X. Awesome theme! I have posted a homepage slider through LayerSlider below the Masthead. There is an unwanted second image showing within that. How do I delete that?

  2. When you scroll down to see the content below the slider, the content covers the slider . I don’t want that.

Thanks for your help!

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! I could not see the layer slider second image. Could you please try clearing your browser cache and test again.

Also I don’t see any content on the homepage.

Also I see an issue on your site. Please head over to X -> Overview section and wait for few seconds to install the Cornerstone plugin automatically as it will be a required plugin. Also update your X theme to the latest version (v5.2.5).


You are correct. I figured out what caused that and got it fixed. The content appears now.

But why do I have all that space above and below the slider image. Can I remove that? Thanks.

Also… how do I update to latest theme version?

Hi There,

Please set the slide size to Inherit

If that does not work, please provide us login credentials in a “secure note” so we can take a look on your slider configuration.

Hope it helps,

It is set as Inherit. Please see above secure note. I can add CSS if needed.

Hey @Charlielyn,

Your slider must be set to Fullwidth and the background size set to Cover to “cover” the area and not leave blank spaces. This will hide portions of your image but, that is a spatial limitation like playing an HD movie in a square monitor.

I would encourage you to learn how LayerSlider layouts work so you’ll understand it better.

Regarding updating to the latest theme version, please see Updating Your Themes and Plugins in our Knowledge Base.


I see you have changed the setting in the slider to cover. This will not work. Notice the image is blown up to at least twice its size rendering a blurry close up which we do not want. We do want the full image to show, just not the excess margin above and below. Thank you.

In that case, you should set the Canvas width and the Canvas height to exactly the same size as your image. Any image you will add to that slider must also be the same size as the width and height.

That helps. I think I should be able to get it at least close to what I was hoping for. THANKS!

Glad to hear it!

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