Slider Revolution - Texts missing in iPad nd Mobile View

Hello there. I’m encoutering issues with Slider Revolution. There are instances that text layers are missing in iPad and Mobile views, desktop view is ok. Can anyone help me please?

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Please ensure that all your text layers is not hidden in mobile or other screen sizes. Please do check this documentation:

To create a fully responsive slider, please check this out:

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Hi Rue, thanks for the reply. Text layers are SET VISIBLE to iPad and Mobile views but there are instances that the texts are not showing in iPad and Mobile.

If you have these devices, please double check the links I shared earlier.

I need to refresh the page and the text will come out

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I did not have the devices on hand to check the case, but I have one theory which I would ask you to check. Is it possible that you duplicate your page and prepare a test page with the same information? You can do it with the plugin below:

Then please duplicate the Revolution Slider also and instead of using the EB Garamond font, just use the sans serif or a default font. Then test the case on iPad.

My guess is that the iPad has problems to load that for and that might be due to the cross-domain restriction mentioned here:

If you still have the problem kindly get back to us with the URL/User/Pass of your WordPress dashboard using the Secure Note functionality of the post to follow up the case.

Thank you.

Hi Chris, thank you for your input but can you help me out checking on it because I have multiple slides, I don’t want to mess up the website it is already live.

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Thank you for the information. I added a test page and used the Cornerstone to add the test-bahar slider. I checked and it is working ok on the Ipad.

Would you please kindly check the case? The only thing I added is that in the slider I went to the settings and under the Handling Problems > Troubleshooting I enabled the jQuery Conflict mode:

I also strongly suggests that you backup your website completely and update the theme and Cornerstone to the latest version.

Hi Chris! Thank you for your prompt response. Is it ok if I will follow your instruction about Jquery conflict but not updating cornerstone?

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So this clearly shows there is another conflict is going on for those pages which you have the problem. Please kindly install the duplicate post plugin and clone the page in question and try to delete the sections one by one in the page and test the case. That way you will see which section is causing the conflict as the test page is working ok.

Thank you.

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