Slider Revolution Fullsrcreen on Mobile Devices

Hello I have a full screen slider in my header widget that is working good on desktop but not so well on my iPhone and other mobile devices. When on my iPhone it doesn’t go full screen and so content is bunched up - do you have any ideas what I can do to change this?

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Daryl Robinson

Hi There,

Please refer to the following tutorial.

Hope it helps

Thanks Joao, I’ve watched the video before, and tried a few different things based off it but it’s as if my slider is not behaving correctly in mobile and thus not working… it’s very frustrating

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in! Your slider layout is Fullwidth. This works correctly in desktops. On mobile, it may have display the slide a little bit smaller since it has a small screen size. Regretfully, with Rev Slider, there isn’t an option that a slider will transition from a fullwidth slider to a fullscreen slider on mobile. You must set the slider layout for your slider because this is the basis of how the slider will be displayed in all different screen. You may edit your slider and change the slider layout from Fullwidth to Fullscreen so that it will display a fullscreen slider in smaller screen.

Hope this helps.

Thanks that did help. I’m wondering if theres another way then to achieve what I want, which is basically a splash screen? I have previously put the rev slider above the masthead but that causes issues because it stays at the top of the home page and can cause confusion…

Do you know of any good ways to implement a splash page?

Hi Theere,

I am not 100% what you mean by a splash screen but, based on what you have I believe you want a page that overlays your page once you click a button or link as you have done with the Header Widget, if that is not the case I imagine you want a pre-loader page so I will give you two replies and you can clarify what you need.

1- In case you need a page that overlays your with some information.

1a) You can use X Lightbox Functionality. You will create a new page, select on WP Classic backend editor, under the blue update button > page attributes > page templates > Select: Blank No Container No Header No Footer

You will than edit this page normally with Cornerstone and create your Splash page.

After that on your home page you will add a RAW Code Element with a Lightbox Selector, you can add this:

[lightbox selector=".splash-me"]

You will than add a Link, it can be an image that is linked, a button or a linked word, and add a classs to this link : splash-me and add the page you have created to the HREF

That way when you click this link it will load the page you created as an overlay.

More info here:

1b) Another alternative is, if you wish to do this but have a smaller box with some capture box for email for example, Convertplus is a good solution.

The plugin is available among our Addons. You can setup so it loads as soon as the client visit the page, or, you can set it to be launched from a button.

Please see here:

2- If you are looking to have a pre-loader effect you would need to find a 3 party plugin.

Hope it helps

Thanks Joao, that was super helpful. I’ll have a play with those and see what works best. Thanks again :smiley:

You are welcome :slight_smile:

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