Slider Revolution carousel with portrait and landscape images

How do you get images of varying widths in a horizontal carousel to ‘touch’ each other without being cropped?

Using Main Background > Source Settings > Background Fit > contain stopped a portrait image from being cropped in a Revolution Slider that was previously all-landscape. But this photo now has thick white margins on both sides.

What settings will make all images appear at full height (regardless of width) but without these left/right margins?


Hey @tamdstudio,

That is not possible. The only way to make your images span full height is to set the Background Fit to Cover. That would mean cropping to your image though.

You might want to take a look at The Grid’s Slider instead. See For more details about The Grid, please see

Once installed and your familiar with the settings, create a new grid with the Grid Type set to Justified and Grid Layout set to Horizontal.

If you want to see how it works, please watch my screencast at

Hope that helps.


Your screencast was thorough and perfect. Thank you so much!

(I can stop wasting time with RevoSlider now.)

You’re welcome, @tamdstudio. Glad we could help.

I successfully followed your entire tutorial. Thanks again.

Can my carousel be made to autoplay the images (eg scroll horizontally without user action)?

Or at least display left and right arrows (by default) to indicate more pictures are a click away?

Hello There,

Yes you can autoplay and display left/right arrows in the slider.
Please edit your slider and find the slider settings.

Check these this documentation for more information:


The question was about The Grid (as recommended by Christian

Not Slider Revolution, which I’ve since abandoned on his advice

Hi @tamdstudio,

Sorry for the confusion, the autoplay is not possible but adding the arrow navigation should doable. BUT, will only work on a horizontal layout.

Please move the arrow button on your The Grid layout, like from here


This works, thanks.

But while the rectangles that advance/reverse the carousel appear in the correct location and work as they should, both of them are missing the white arrow.


The arrows are not visible because of its color.

You can set the color to white under skins tab

Hope that helps

Perfect. Thanks.

You’re most welcome!

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