Slider revolution cant be installed

I have newly purchased a X theme, I installed it on my localhost, i needed to install slider revolution too, so i went to X dashboard ===> extensions
I tried a lot but it is giving this error every time “Error encountered.”
I can install all those extensions except this one. I dont know what is the problem.

So when i couldn’t install it from within X theme i downloaded Slider Revolution v5-4-6-4 the latest version from:

then i unzipped it and copied the revslider folder to WP-content ===> plugins
then I activated the plugin from plugins page.
till this everything is fine, but when i try to update it it gives me this error:
Update Failed: Internal Server Error

I really need it to be up and running for my site and i am kinda in hurry can you help me please?

Hi there,

The Internal Server Error indicates that there is a problem with your hosting which you need to check the error log. As you said you installed the WordPress locally you need to check the documentation of the stack that you use. Kindly check the error log file and see what is the actual problem there.

In most cases it is because of the file permission error which you can check the workaround here:

But the ultimate solution will be to check the error log and find out the problem cause. Thank you.

Thanks for your fast replay

this time i got a different error message while updating the plugin:
Update Failed: Download failed. cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 10000 milliseconds with 0 out of 0 bytes received


and now the problem is solved, even i didn’t do anything just tried over and over again

thanks for your helping, i keep it in mind for future

Hi there,

Glad that you have managed to fix the issue :slight_smile:

Sorry to disturb sir, I had another question, how can i check the error log, because cant run slider revolution, Even i uninstalled Wampp and installed Xampp with a new clean installation of wordpress and X theme, but i cant download slider revolution to my site and also I cant import any demo which has slider revolution used on it,

Hi there,

I did a search and here is the error log:

I also suggest that you make sure that you have the product validated, I’m sure you did already but to be 100% sure:

Then kindly use this article for demo content:

Also, there is a troubleshooting guide regarding this that may apply to your case:

Hope these resources help you.

Thank you for your help, I really apreciate it, but unfortunately still I have the problem.
I want to explain everything again so you can undrestand better what is the problem.

I can install every plugin and extension except slider revolution, I tried to install it from X dashboard extensions but it keep saying (Error encountered) i tried it on wampp and xampp, I checked the php version in wampp too,
there are 3 php directories inside wamp64 ===> bin ===> php directory:

  • php5.6.3.1
  • php7.0.23
  • php7.1.9
    they are all fine and should work good with X.

I think, until slider revolution is not installed correctly the demos which has been used this plugin will not be imported.
EX: When i try to import demo (integrity 1) which has a nice slider at top, it keeps saying (we are sorry the demo failed to finish importing)

– I tried different ways, even i downloaded the slider revolution from themePunch site, I copied the revsliderv5.4.6.4 to plugins folder, then i activated it then i got this error
“Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

– Inside X-package we have extensions too, so i unzipped the the revslider from there and copied it on my plugins directory. then I activated the plugin successfully, but its not working, it is showing that there is a newer version available when i try to update it gives me this error:
“Update Failed: Internal Server Error”

I have the error log but i couldent undrestand what is it saying, check it yourself.

I am in a big trouble please help me how can i fix it?
what is the different between this extension and others?
do i need to change anything or install anything or check anything?

Hi there,

It seems that you opened up a new thread with the same problem. Kindly do not open up multiple threads for the one question. Thank you.

The Demo import does not have any relations with the Revolution Slider.

The Revolution Slider plugin is the same in the bundled and with the one, you downloaded from themepunch but the version may differ.

You have mentioned that it says there is a fatal error, but you did not say what error? Check the error log to find out what is the fatal error.

Also, I wonder if you do have enough PHP Memory limit on your installation. To check that please kindly install the plugin below and then go to Dashboard > Wp Server Info and check the PHP Memory Limit if it is 256 or lower make it 512.

To increase the memory limit kindly follow the instructions below:

Without having the chance to see the actual installation and error log we can not be of a help much here.
Would you please kindly move the website to a server which we can have an access?

Thank you.

thank you for your helping sir, and yes you are right i opened different threats in one question sorry for that.

I try to move my site to a online server then i will send you details to check it.

Thank you.

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