Slider revolution background loading on repeat in X theme


I set up my slides in Slider Revolution. I preview in Slider Revolution and all looks fine. I load it via Cornerstone onto the website and the background image repeats itself. Even when I use the template (to find out if I have done something wrong while editing) comes up in a similar fashion.

Please help.

(you can see the problem on

(It is supposed to look like this:

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! Please make sure that you have the same settings as the example or demo slider.

You may just duplicate the example demo slider and edit it to use your own image.

Hope this helps.

Thanks RueNel.

Unfortunately, even when I loaded the template without any edits or changes to its settings, it produces the same results. I don’t understand what’s happening between the set up (everything is fine in the slider revolution preview) and the final site…

Hello There,

Maybe it is the placement of the slider which has the issue. I created a test page and loaded your slider and it is perfectly fine. Please check it in the link I added in the secure note.

To know more about sliders and how you can use it in the theme, please check this out:

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