Slider revolution and lightbox


I’m using slider revolution and i would like to have the slidder in a lightbox when it have a click on it, like on this page

I try many options and do a lot of reshearch on the forum but i can find an answer.

Thanks for your help.

Hi There,

This functionality works without Revolution Slider.

Please refer to :

Another alternative would be to Use The GRID Addon, use images as a source, and create a grid with just One image, but many loaded on the source, once you click on this image, the same effect should happen.

Hope it helps!


It not really help, the answers are for a gallery, I can’t find a way do to a slider on the page and on a lightbox.

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in!

Please use content area modal element to show the Slider in a light box. You just put the slider short code inside the modal content it will appear inside that modal. Please check the element documentation here
The reference site feature is something needs to be customized and which is out of our theme support scope.


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