Site front page has two meta description tags

Hi all!

Just hopefully two minor ones.

First, the front page of my site has two meta description tags. (Fixed, Yoast SEO and Jetpack were the culprits.)

Secondly, if you navigate to a post page, the breadcrumbs show the little home icon AND “blog” which are both linked to homepage.

Stumped with the latter, sorry if it’s a simple fix. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’ve sorted it out.

Would you mind providing us with your website URL so we can take a closer look?


Hi, thanks. It’s

Linked to a category page as we are still setting up and don’t have any content just yet.

Hey @Naishster,

This is because your Blog page is also your home page. In your WordPress admin menu, go to Settings > Reading and set your Static Pages.


Hi Christian, thanks for the reply.

I actually want my articles/blog excerpts to be on the home page, this is the case with the vast majority of sites I believe and I have never come across the insertion of an extra “step” in the breadcrumbs with other solutions I don’t think.

Sorry if it is something to do with how I have set this up, but I don’t think so. This is the “out of the box” wordpress setup with regards to the page ordering so is it just Pro theme adding this unnecessary step into the breadcrumbs?

Hi there,

In that case, would you mind providing what you wish to see in the breadcrumbs? There are icon and blog icon, then what icon should be hidden? Or since you said, they are both linking to the home page, then where should they link? Your home page is also your blog page, they will link to the same URL (it’s made that way, but I’ll add this to our issue tracker as a feature request). So I assume that you wish to hide the blog icon.

Please add this CSS to your global custom CSS.

    .x-breadcrumbs a[href=""]:nth-child(3),
    .x-breadcrumbs a[href=""]:nth-child(3) + span {
		display: none;


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