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I just did the X/cornerstone update and my site broke. The second row down - “awards” had been a five column row with a pic in each column. After one of the recent updates, all but one of the pics disappeared. I went in to reset the column count in the row and it wouldn’t accept it. I switched it to one column and did a save. Now the rest of my home page is invisible to the user even though I can see it in cornerstone. Can someone help me with this? Thanks.

Hi There @bmahoney59

Thanks for writing in! Did you change the login URL of the referenced site? as I see a 404 page there (see secure note).

If you’re using a caching plugin, please make sure to purge your server cache before testing your site again.

Also check the PHP version running on your server and make sure to use PHP v5.6.x or later to avoid incompatibility issues.



Sorry about that. See side note for login address.
I’ve cleared the cache and turned off all the speed-related plugins. I’m on dreamhost and they run php 7.2.

When I’m in cornerstone and I go into that row and try to set columns, it won’t accept it when I choose five. I see some really weird things happen.

Any help you can offer much appreciated - again, most of my home page is invisible right now.

Hi @bmahoney59,

I went to your website and updated the Cornerstone plugin to version 3.2.4 as it was old. Then I went to X > Settings and clicked on the Clear Style Cache button.

After that, I checked the homepage and I see that the rest of the page is not showing. That is why I decided to make a template of that page and added a new page and loaded the template there. For more information about templates please read the article below:

After that, I checked a few cases and I found that the problem is the Clients Video section. As soon as I removed that, the rest of the content shows on the front end. So you need to double check that section and see what is the problem or even better remove that section and add a new one.

Regarding the 5 columns again, please re-do the Awards section from scratch.

Thank you.

OK, I fixed everything. Seems like there’s a bug with classic images and number of columns. I deleted and recreated teh awards section a couple of times and each time I tried using a classic image, it corrupted the number of columns when I tried to have it set up for five. Thanks.

Hi @bmahoney59,

Glad it’s okay now, but I’m not sure about the layout corruption. But yes, could be data related and needs redoing.


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