Sidebar down and full width section on top

Hi support team,
Is there a way that I can have a full width section on top of the home page (without sidebar widgets).
I tried following coding, it is only pushing sidebar widgets downwards but top section is not stretching to cover full width of the page.
.x-sidebar .widget:nth-child(1) {margin-top:220px; }

Hi Anuja,

What you are trying to achieve is not possible using a page template with sidebar. By default main content container and sidebar are side by side.

To achieve that instead, please use either fullwidth, or with container page template. Then build the structure inside Cornerstone builder. On first section, add column only to make it fullwidth. Then the next section, use like 2/3 and 1/3 columns. On the 1/3 column, build the content of your sidebar.

Below the navigation, BELOW MASTHEAD option is available per page. This is another way of showing a fullwidth content below navigation or above your content. If you can build your content using REVOLUTION SLIDER, that might be possible with current page template.

Hope this helps.

Hi Lely,
Thank you for your reply, first option wouldn’t work as current formatting wouldn’t be possible,
About the revolution slider, is it part of my subscription or do i need to buy it, Thanks

Hello Ahuja,

You can install the Revolution Slider by going to X > Validation > Extensions.
To know more about this bundled plugin, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

I could install and activate the slider, thanks for your help.

Hi Anuja,

You can then follow this article on how to assign a slider above the header (above masthead) or below the header (below masthead)


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