Side header bar extends past the header

I have been building a new header and I want to put a side navigation on the header. To do this I used a left side bar, added a nice transparent background and put my menu in, but I noticed that the bar extends past the header down the entire page. This seems like an odd behavior to me, is there a way I can restrict it to the header container?


I found a solution to my problem, let me know if you have a better solution though :slight_smile:

My solution was to give my bar 2 on the top, which contains my background image, and is therefore the height that I want to match for the rest of my header a VH of 50, then I add a class to my left side bar 1 and added a height: 50% in the CSS so they match and respond together as the text changes for different screen sizes.


Hi @swanhaven,

Thank you for writing in, yes your solution sounds to work. But you started on a wrong foot there, the Left bar is not meant to be contained on another bar. It’s designed to be left static bar navigation that runs through the page. You should just have the top bar and work with its containers.

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